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Elizabeth Shaw

Owner, Elegant Photo Solutions, LLC

Certified Photo Manager

Certified Privacy Advocate

FOREVER Executive Ambassador

I have been in the photo preservation business since 2008 when I joined Creative

Memories as a Creative Memories Advisor specializing in traditional scrapbooking.

In 2015, I joined FOREVER, Inc. and also became a Certified Professional Photo

Organizer through The Photo Managers to help individuals preserve their memories

for generations to come either in a digital or a traditional format. In 2020, I created

Elegant Photo Solutions, LLC.  In 2023, I became a Certified Privacy Advocate through

the Photo Managers.

My primary goal is to help people who are downsizing or inheriting their parents/

grandparents photos and documents, get that chaos under control and preserved for future

generations so that their content is shareable and transferable from one generation to the next.  It is my belief that a family's photos tell the story of their family and life history.  That, along with any family written or oral history needs to be preserved as the legacy for the future.

By working with my client's one-on-one to find solutions for their specific needs and budget, I can create a plan that is both family and budget friendly.  I can develop a plan to do the work for you, along-side you, or set up a plan that you can work with to preserve those memories on your own.

My passion for preserving the family story through photographs started when I was in the 4th grade. I had a homework assignment that was to write down my family lineage for two generations on both sides of the family. Not only did this start my passion but it also started my mother and grandmother on their search for our family history. 40+ years have gone by and my mother and I have collected many family photos and a large family history going back as far as the 1400’s in England and Scotland.


As a professional photo organizer, I now can preserve my family’s history for generations to come and also help my clients preserve their photos, documents, videos and more by showing them how to organize and store their content in a safe manner that will last generations into the future. 


As a privacy advocate, I can help you choose settings that will help secure your online presence by recommending settings for your Social Media, online banking, online purchasing accounts and more that will hopefully help keep you more secure within a digital space.  This is no guarantee that the services I provide will keep your accounts completely safe, but the goal is to inform you on online safety and security best practices.   

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 31 years. We have one son who is in his 4th year of college and two dogs and two cats complete our family.

Life can be busy and hectic, let me show you how you can organize your personal and business documents so that they are accessible from anywhere and for generations!​

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