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Summer is coming to an end...

Wow, it seems like it was just Spring in the Huntsville, AL area and now Fall is approaching in the Tuscumbia, AL area. Yes, my family has relocated! This was not a hard decision because we had been discussing this for a while but we wanted to be closer to our mother's and here we are. We are finally unpacked, there literally are no more boxes in my house except the shred box in my office! So now with the change of the season and the settling in from the move, it is now time to get back down to business!

In the upcoming days and weeks, I will be starting back to sending out my bi-weekly client newsletter. I have decided to do bi-weekly because things change so much with FOREVER Sales and so many great things are fixing to happen with the upcoming Christmas sales and I want to keep everyone informed. If you would like to join this newsletter, just click on the home page and sign up through there. I will get notification that you have signed up and I will add you to my email list.

I look forward to sharing ways with you to preserve your memories for future generations.


Elizabeth Shaw is the owner of Elegant Photo Solutions, LLC, a Certified Photo Manager through The Photo Managers and a FOREVER Executive Ambassador. It is her goal to help families preserve their photos and documents for future generations so that they will know who their families were and where they came from. You can contact her by emailing

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