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Save Your Photos Month

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

September is Save Your Photos Month. We are 6 days in and have several tips to share today. Each day, until September 30, I will add a new tip to help you get started with your photo organizing projects. If at any time you need additional help, please go to the contact form tab and fill it out. I will get back with you and will help you get started!

Does this sound familiar? “I have photos on a bunch of old CDs, thumb drives, external hard drives, in albums and then there is my Dropbox, Google Photos, and maybe I've backed up to, I am overwhelmed!" Before you can start to organize your photos, you have to get

them ALL into one place. During week one we will focus on gathering your photos.

Even if you aren't ready to physically gather them, making a list is a useful first step, and you'll be more prepared when the time is right to embark on the organizing.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #1

Let’s start with a list of all the places you are storing your printed photos and slides. Include

photo albums, framed photos, photos in drawers or boxes or closets, or even storage units. A

written list of locations will serve as a checklist when you gather them.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #2

Make a list of all the places you have digital photos. Include old phones, computers, memory cards, and CDs/DVDs. Add usernames and passwords to photo websites where you've uploaded pictures.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #3

Get the family involved in tracking down your photos. Ask relatives where their photos are and make a plan to include them in your photo organizing project.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #4

Home movies should be part of what you’re saving! Make a list of the types you have (Super 8, VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, etc.) so you can make a plan for converting them to digital.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #5

Create a family timeline of important events like birthdays, graduations, weddings, moves, retirements. This will help you determine the dates of photos.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #6

How many photos do you have: 10,000 or 100,000? Knowing the number helps you plan the scope of the project. A shoebox = 600 - 800 photos; 1 GB = about 560 JPGS; the average photo album = 200 photos.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #7

Are you finding lots of duplicates as you go through your photos? Toss or delete doubles, blurry shots, and most scenery-only photos. Edit your collection down to a manageable size! You may end up getting rid of 50% or more.

You’ve found your photos, but now what? You need a plan. This week, we’ll explore creating a photo legacy by understanding what's most important to you. What are your photo goals and what would success look like? Then strategize a plan to digitize and back up your photos.

Even if you're not ready to do the actual organizing, thinking through these decisions about your photo legacy means you'll be prepared whenever the time is right to start.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #8

How would you feel if you could easily find and share the photos you care most about? Write

down five reasons these photos are important to you.

Save Your Photos Month Tip #9

If you could only save 100 photos, which ones would you choose? What’s special about these 100 photos?

Save Your Photos Month Tip #10

Write a “will” for your family photo collection. Specify what you’d want to be included in your family photo legacy and what should happen to it after you are gone.

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